Think of a situation where you plan to for a vacation and suddenly you realize there is no coverage. A situation where you are disconnected with the outer world, even your loved ones who are trying to reach you are unable to connect to you. A situation of Panic arises.

iPhone experts recommends a service called as “Page Plus” that is famous for its smooth coverage though out America’s Largest Cellular networks.

What is Page Plus?

Page Plus is a leading wireless phone service with nationwide coverage on one of the largest networks in the United States. It is well known for providing cost effective, flexible plans and exceptional customer service.

Advantages of Page Plus:

Now day’s customers have found out smarter ways to save their money. Page plus is growing day by day and has been used by a lot of people now a days. Page plus is a unique service that puts any CDMA phone on their network, this enables a smooth usage with no limitations.  Page Plus accepts virtually any CDMA phone in the world. This makes you take the advantage of a network that truly has great coverage. Network providers like Verizon that are flashed to Page Plus can enjoy full 3G coverage, talk to any person without any coverage issue, text, send mms, use chat apps and  enjoy all wonderful features that makes us love our smart phone over and over. Page plus works with other carriers as well, e.g. a sprint phone flashed to page plus works amazing. Hence you can again enjoy all wonderful features like talk to any person without any coverage issue, text, send mms, use chat apps. All this is possible with prepaid carrier that provides unlimited talk and text; it truly is a value for money.

One can take the advantage of Page Plus through certified dealers; they will be able to supply plans and services such as flashing to Page Plus and other services in order to ensure you save money. You can use your current wireless device and use it on a Page Plus network.

You may want to consider the devices that are Page Plus Compatible
  •     Page Plus
  •     Verizon-Certified (Almost all Verizon Certified phones are compatible with Page Plus)
  •     Alltel (Almost all Alltel phones are compatible with Page Plus)

Sprint (Sprint phones needs to be flashed with new software or even special programming is recommended to get most functions work smoothly. Sprint phones are recommended for those who understand network settings and data programming.)

A certified Page Plus dealer is capable of activating any phone on Page Plus for you for free, so long as Page Plus will accept your mobile phones MEID on their network, Yes its that easy.

How to get started flashing to Page Plus:

Page Plus Authorized dealers flashing software are capable of flashing numerous phone devices to page plus, cricket, and many other cdma prepaid carriers. These exclusive software has been designed in such a manner that they are self explanatory and any layman can use it with the detailed instruction manuals. According to experts some devices can be used on page plus without a flash hence all phones are not required to flash to page plus. When you get your phone flashed from an authorized dealer be rest assured about the version of the software as they update their software every week, at no cost. People who are fond of purchasing the best newest phone model can buy them and get them flashed to Page plus.

So what are you waiting for flash your iPhone to Page Plus today from the nearest dealers in town and enjoy full features like unlimited talk, text message, internet, mms, and usage of splendid applications. So do not miss this opportunity to flash your phone to Page Plus for FREE today!



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